NHBSA Update

We hope this reaches you all in good health and good spirits.  After two days of meetings and discussions with Alle-Kiski Softball and ARL Baseball as well as 17 other communities, we all feel positive about getting the opportunity to play ball this year!

The general thought at this time is that practice can and will start during the month of June and games will run though the month of September with softball going through August.

NHBSA, along with several other associations, are trying to figure out field issues due to playing on School and Municipalities properties.  We will also have, by Wednesday, some guidelines as to what the CDC and State will deem safe practices for starting practice and games.

All of the communities in the Kiski Valley are in agreement that we are excited to see an opportunity to play in 2020 but everyone agreed safety is first for everyone involved.

The NHBSA Board will be personally reaching out to everyone to discuss what the next steps will be.

Any questions, call 724-681-1529 or visit NHBSA.com.

Thank you,


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