Important Update!


We continue to be held in a situation that none of us ever thought we would ever be in the middle of, our entire board remains focused on the safety and health of our families in our league along with our communities. With the Governor extending our social distancing until April 30th we have started conversations with the ARL & ALLE KISKI leagues in which we play our inter league games with. The main topic was to make sure that all 15 communities involved understood that we are going to make sure safety in the first concern. Both ARL & ALLE KISKI have come up with several options on still playing ball in 2020, we will continue to monitor the current status of the Covid-19 pandemic and we will only proceed if it had been deemed safe to proceed to get back to our normal everyday lives, if that occurs in a time-frame to save the 2020 season we will look at moving forward to give the children a piece of a normal summer. Please check on our website at for updates.

Please stay Safe and Responsible
Gary Meanor

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